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How can DataMaxim help patients find you?

DataMaxim provides all the tools that patients use to find a health care provider. More and more patients rely on the internet searches and social media networks to find providers that meet this criteria - whether it is location proximity, ratings from others, rich content about the doctors / practice or just the first name popping up in an internet search.

DataMaxim has put together a set of tools and technologies to enable your internet and social media presence that enables patients to locate you easily. We combine that with content advisory services to help you develop techniques to keep your content fresh and inviting to patients.

  • Create SEO embedded websites - for high ranked search results
  • Integrate Provider Web site to Practice management - for online appointments
  • Create and maintain social media connections and advise you on compliance requirements
  • Provide secure communication channels across your eco-system

Once the patient has come into your office, DataMaxim eases the process for capturing patient data, patient care information like diagnosis and treatment, and provides completely integrated EHR and billing. This can be enabled with a very simplified EHR customized to the workflows of your office.

Your interaction with your patient need not end when the patient leaves your office or after the patient has obtained lab results or completed their prescriptions. You and your patient can stay connected event after your "patient - doctor" interaction. The patient can be "engaged" with you via social media networks.

  • Communication through Patient portal - Appointment reminders and Lab result & Pharmacy refill
  • Patient peer-to-peer communication via multiple Social Media
  • Blogging for updates on news, treatment options, studies and symptom management

DataMaxim's business analytics platform help small to large organizations to uncover the hidden aspects of their business data, and gives clear insights about efficient use of resources to get the best ROI for their investments.
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