EHR Solutions

A secure electronic health record system is the cornerstone of any modern physician office. This digital archive of patient health information compiled at one or more meetings can help expedite visitor throughput and prevent errors. At DataMaxim we have relationships with several vendors and we will help you choose a solution that compliments your practice and the clinicians and automates and streamlines your workflow.

Practice Management

Increasing patient throughput and improving office workflow is only part of the job. Practices must have a reliable system in place to handle the administrative aspect of managing an office. Having a portal where you can easily see the patients on the schedule, send reminders to future visitors and view information on billing is priceless. Finding a solution that fits your office can be simplified working with DataMaxim as we have existing partnerships and experience vetting out solutions.


The United States has made healthcare available to all of its citizens no matter where they are located. In most cases, the average person can hop in their car and be at a hospital or physician’s office within in an hour if not quicker. However in some cases the patient’s need is not critical or serious enough to warrant a physical visit to a healthcare facility. In these situations telemedicine can help keep these individual from taking up space in your waiting area needed for patients with more sever needs. DataMaxim provides secure portals that will allow video sessions with patients that have minimal healthcare requirements. These portals even allow physicians or other clinicians to prescribe medicine if needed. Contact DataMaxim to see how we can integrate this solution into your practice.